Agenor Garcia

Agenor Garcia started a formal classical training at the age of 17, and, 5 years later,  debuted as a music teacher. He moved to Brasilia, the capital of Brazil, where he started composition classes with  Professor Bohumil Med (conductor and chairman at the University of  Brasilia). Later he was invited to teach lessons at ArtMed, Professor Med’s music school.

Agenor studied with different professors  such as Joao Guilherme Ripper (composition - Rio De Janeiro), Cliff  Korman (jazz - NYC), experimental music with Group Uakti ( Brasilia) and  improvisation at Bill Evans Piano Academy (Paris). After the age of 25, the little formal  training he had came to an end, and apart from attending a few master  classes, he had no further teachers. Agenor Garcia regards his  unconventional musical background as something of an advantage. He considers himself self-taught.

“I learned to distrust anything I hadn't figured out myself.”

His last two albums, Symbiosis and Aviv, were produced by Glen Kolotikin,  the Grammy-awarded producer who also has over 20 gold and platinum  albums to his credit (recording engineer for Glenn Gould, Miles Davis,  Barbra Streisand among others).​ 

Agenor Garcia was invited by the Japanese label Impairment inc, to appear in two compilation albums: Bar Buenos Aires (2015) and Beau Paysage Chardonnay (2016), which feature other renowned artists such as Eddie Gomez (Bill Evans Trio) and Cesarius Alvim.

Agenor has performed around the world at a steady pace since 2005. His  performances convey a wide range of expression, which drives the audiences to expect a singular, and intense experience at each  performance.


Yorgis Goiricelaya

Yorgis Goiricelaya, bassist, arranger, and world class musician, has worked with great figures of the Latin market, and Grammy Award winning artists. 

Goiricelaya is the founder of Elegance, a Latin jazz project with a fusion of Cuban and world music with traditional jazz, highlighting the dynamics and rhythmic details in an elegant repertoire, composed of high-level musicians based in the city of Miami.

Elegance Musicians: Livan Mesa: Piano, Majito Aguilera: Congas, Reinier Guerra: Drums, Yunior Arronte: Saxophone


Diego Medina

Diego Medina’s incomparable saxophone sound is best described as a “magic touch.”  Born in Colombia in 1983, this young and talented musician had the opportunity to start his study of music in 1998 with Hilcias Benitez, developing styles such as smooth jazz, pop, ballads, boleros, jazz, and 80’s, among others. Since his arrival to the United States, Diego has had the opportunity to work in major events locally, such as Premios Los Nuestro with Lucero in 2017, the Grammy Awards with Pepe Aguilar in 2015, and Premios Juventud. Currently, Diego resides in Miami, FL and continues him musical career.


Patricia Mesa

Patricia Mesa is a superbly trained classical pianist who has performed internationally at some of the world’s finest resorts. Listening to a Schubert serenade or a Chopin waltz is always a delight. She also has the ability to give a traditional melody a classical twist. Her performances are an attractive addition to afternoon tea and special occasions. Patricia’s refined talents have engaged fans at the Beach Resort for over a decade. 

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