Bass Clef Diplomats Program

Working in partnership with the Bass Clef Ambassador Program, the Bass Clef Diplomats program provides an opportunity to extend the ambassador program abroad while acting as its own entity. Bass Clef Diplomats will represent artists around the world who express interest in affiliating with the Bass Clef Foundation Group Inc. through social media exposure and mentorship. Bass Clef Ambassadors will act as mentors, and will be connected to a Bass Clef Diplomat in order to advise the Diplomat on subjects pertinent to artistic progression and career enhancement. Social media exposure will be made available to Bass Clef Diplomats as part of an affiliation agreement with the Bass Clef Foundation, and Diplomats will be asked to wear the symbolic Bass Clef pin gifted to them as a part of the membership process in all social media postings related to the Bass Clef Foundation. As the Bass Clef Foundation seeks to empower artists and propel careers, implementing the Bass Clef Diplomats program stands to ensure the reach of the organization in order offer opportunities and benefits to those outside of the South Florida community.

Bass Clef Ambassador Program

As a part of the three-part concert series, the Bass Clef Foundation Group Inc. has created the opportunity for those selected performers to become Bass Clef Ambassadors. The Bass Clef Ambassador program will only be offered to those selected musicians performing in the concert series. Bass Clef Ambassadors will be granted a number of benefits for the duration of their participation in the concert series. These benefits include social media advertisement, a concert debut opportunity, representation at any and all performance venues, a free recording session under the Bass Clef Foundation Group Inc. recording label, free healthcare screenings in the form of Bass Clef Health, and free access to therapeutic services. The Bass Clef Ambassadors will also act in partnership with the Bass Clef Diplomats program, whereby Ambassadors will have the opportunity to act as mentors to artists all over the world. By providing these benefits and opportunities to those participating in the concert series, we at Bass Clef Foundation want to provide support and encourage artists to live out their dreams and reach their potential.

Bass Clef Mentorship Program

As an effort to tap into the musical wealth that the South Florida community possesses, the Bass Clef Foundation Group Inc. has created the Bass Clef Mentorship program. This program comprises of one-on-one sessions between an aspiring musician and an established professional within the Bass Clef Foundation network. Sessions will run for three months and personalized meetings will be held six times over that duration. Each month will represent a different transitional phase for the musician, with the ultimate goal being representation for the mentee in the form of exposure, benefits, and contracts. The mentor will be sourced from a network of seasoned, musical professionals affiliated with the Bass Clef Foundation, and the partnership between mentor and mentee will be instrumentally tailored and mutually beneficial. It is our hope at the Bass Clef Foundation that by connecting aspiring, gifted musicians with quality professionals of mutual practice that we can exist as an artistic catalyst in the culturally rich, South Florida community.